Bernard Bertrand, born from an Italian mother and a Belgian print media journalist father, the young Bernard grew up with the fascination of the “darkroom’s magic” and the entire silver based photographic process.
From his tender age, he rushed at his father to help him with the traditional formerly argentic photography. His first photographic tests were surprising.
Once his photographic studies completed, he moved to Paris as to track the most famous international photographers. Over there, he quickly became one of the assistants of Jean-Baptiste Mondino and formed a part of his team for nearly 3 years.
Captivated for the artistic movies and directors such as Ingmar Bergman, Vittorio De Sica, David Lynch, Tim Burton, Coppola … the photography has early established as a reachable means of creation and images direction.
The cinematographic direction remains one of his major targets, he now also get the camera to express himself through that movie media.
Great traveller, and always looking for new artistic opportunities, Bernard stayed in Paris, Roma, London, New York, Montreal and Los Angeles.
Attentive to symbols and tune in his clients, Bernard Bertrand has a passion for the body, it’s sensuality and it’s gracefulness. The lights he works with are accurate, specific and the atmospheres coming out of them are always decisive.
He had a collaboration with client such as Jeep, BMW Mini, Porsche, Timex watches, Victoire, After, FootLocker, Olivier Strelli, Levi’s, Levi’s Europe, Volkswagen, Gini, Lipton, PlayStation, Nivea ect…

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